Excellent cooks have been treasured since the beginning of time because they knew how to make the ordinary extraordinary. Popped Perfect carries on this ancient tradition through love crafted popcorn treats. Tweaked to perfection, each recipe produces the perfect balance of mushroom popcorn, pure coconut seed oil and creamy butter blended with tantalizing sweet flavor combinations.

Popped Perfect brings you gourmet popcorn delicacies made with love, one batch at a time. Each batch is carefully hand stirred and then separated. Popcorn is a blank taste canvas ready to be smothered with blended hues of both familiar and unique flavor profiles. The gluten-free and all non-GMO ingredients feature the mushroom popping corn variety because of its a larger surface area. More of each diversely flavored coating therefore surrounds each kernel creating a greater taste sensation for you with each bite.

Try Popped Perfect products once and you’ll be ready to explore all the different varieties resulting in Popped Perfect becoming your go-to site for popcorn treats. We will soon be contributing to your love and food traditions, whatever the occasion. We add joy to birthdays, anniversaries, office parties and all of the other wonderful occasions you love to celebrate.

Each of our delicious varieties comes in a re-sealable pouch for extended peak freshness. We offer 100% quality satisfaction and stand behind all our Popped Perfect products. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your Popped Perfect purchase when shipped from us and consumed within seven days, you can return it for replacement or refund.