Take Me Out to The Ballgame!

Take Me Out to The Ballgame!

It’s baseball season! While the major league baseball season opened on April 1st, there’s still time to enjoy a baseball season opener with our own local minor league team, the Arkansas Naturals on May 4th, with their first home game being May 11th. A little sunshine, a little fresh air, and a whole lot of fun is just what we all need to swing for the fences for a great year!

Did you know…?

Some popular sayings have their origins in baseball. For example:

  • Swing for the fences – To “swing for the fences” is to go all out or give maximum effort as in a batter who tries to hit the ball over the fence for a home run rather than just trying to get on base.
  • Bush league – The bush leagues were the small-town baseball clubs below minor league. The term has come to describe something that is amateur level, of inferior quality or less than professional, but originally was just a simple description in the sense that they were rural or provincial.
  • Southpaw – A southpaw is a left-handed person; more specifically, a left-handed pitcher. Origin tales note that old ballparks were built with home plate located to the west. This was to keep the sun out of pitchers’ eyes. A left-handed pitcher would be throwing with the southerly hand (or paw), thus, a southpaw.
  • A whole new ballgame – A term generally used to describe a drastic turn of events, it refers to a situation such as a team that has been behind for more than an inning scoring several runs and tying the score. By bringing the score to a status that is essentially back to the beginning (or 0-0), it becomes, “a whole new ballgame.”
  • Rain check – A rain check is a promise to make good on an offer. While it can apply to any outdoor sport or event, it comes from the replacement tickets offered for sporting events rescheduled because of rain. But, you guessed it – it originated with baseball.

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