Show love for all this Valentine’s Day with Popped Perfect

Show love for all this Valentine’s Day with Popped Perfect

It’s February, which means that love is in the air! Wednesday, February 14, is dedicated to lovers across the world but at Popped Perfect, we think of love a bit differently.

Yes, celebrating romantic love is beautiful and Valentine’s Day is a fun, traditional way to do that. But when we think of love, we think of love in all forms be it a family relationship, a dear friend, or even showing love to a complete stranger in their time of need.

In our business, which is family-owned and veteran-owned, we share deep faith values along with our beliefs about valuing our customer by providing quality, fresh products. This means that when we think about love, we think of 1 Corinthians 13, which is known as the “love chapter” in the Bible. 

Our society tells us that we demonstrate our greatness as a society by doing good things. The chapter gives many examples of good deeds that are pointless without love. You can do all these great things but if there isn’t love behind your actions, the actions are pointless.

We at Popped Perfect can’t tell you how to love. It’s something you choose with your daily decisions. How you choose to love people is going to be unique with each relationship. 

We do have a suggestion of how to demonstrate your feelings and chosen devotion! Check out our new website where we have a growing number of amazing, fresh flavored popcorn varieties. We have everything from individual flavors to bundles that you can purchase. Each bundle includes flavors that complement each other.

We hope you will take a few minutes to look at our various flavors and pick one out for each person you want to honor this Valentine’s Day and beyond. You can even consider holding a fundraiser to show love to your favorite Northwest Arkansas non-profit organization!

Whether you’re getting something more unique than flowers and chocolates for a significant other or wanting to offer a hand of friendship to a new neighbor, we have the flavors that will suit your needs.