Popped Perfect Mother’s Day

Popped Perfect Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and it is a bittersweet day for our Popped Perfect family. For Popped Perfect Founder Tamera Lewis, her mother was a guiding figure throughout her life. Her mother died in 2013 and Tamera is quick to tell you that she misses her mom every day.

We want to let Tamera tell the story of her mom in her own words.

Tamera’s reflections

My mother was the world to me. I was always a “mama’s girl” and she taught me so much. I often wish I could have her with me in the shop, especially when developing new flavors.

I remember as far back as to when I was two years old and would sit on the counter while my mom cooked. She would let me do the little things and that meant I got to help her cook from a young age.

She was always trying these new cuisines including different ethnic foods. Because of that, I have always been more willing to try new things and be a bit more adventurous than I think I would have had she not been adventurous in the kitchen.

My kids grew up the same way. I took what I learned from my mom and passed it on to them. My kids have been adventurous when others their age have not been as adventurous.

I learned from my mom and passed on to my sons that food is fun! Learning to have fun with different foods and flavors is one way to expand a person’s whole thought process. I use this in our Popped Perfect kitchen even today.

Popcorn is like a blank canvas where you can experiment with many different flavors. It often takes months to develop a new product and I love the chance to be so creative.

As I often say, I miss my mom terribly. I want to encourage all of you to Love your mother while you have her.

Celebrate mom with Popped Perfect

Whether you’re celebrating your own mom, grandmother, or other “mom figure” in your life, we invite you to give them a gift that is unique and made with love. At Popped Perfect, we have many different options available including:

  • Purchasing your favorite flavor in a growing number of Northwest Arkansas locations
  • Purchasing a gift card to allow your loved one to choose their own flavors
  • Purchasing an online bundle to be shipped anywhere in the United States.